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10-30-2005  This is my site and I am Hap Mills.     I like to ask questions and try to find answers.   Why do we blame our  local, state and federal representatives because they lie to us, twist the truth, &  don’t take care of the big problems first.    We shouldn’t blame them.   We elected them!     Maybe we should elect  someone who doesn’t really want the power or the job instead of people who lust after those two things.   
I’m hoping that instead of talking to myself, I will now be able to talk on my PC.   My email address is at the top of this page.   You will not be able to post comments directly but you may email them to me and I will post those that are well thought out and reasonable. (At least as sane and reasonable as mine)     Whether you agree or disagree is immaterial.    I will fight to the death to defend your right to disagree rationally and sanely but not violently.     
I add pages to the front so page three is the newest commentary page.    But Home Page stays Home Page & Page 2 is for anything I decide to show  there.
Who is Hap Mills?   I’ve been called a ‘Renaissance man’, but I’m not quite that old.    Never had a speaking acquaintance with Leonardo da Vinci.    Couple of college degrees, chemistry & Mathematics, 7 years in the USAF logging 1000 hours as navigator on a B-52.   10 years making handcrafted split bamboo fly rods (H. L. Leonard Rod Co.).    Learned much there.  How to make circular saw blades and temper them. How to draw metal.   How to design and build tools.   How to true a lathe and how to be the master rod builder of the shop.   That’s like being ‘chief of the boat.     Interesting little story for an other page about that.     Sold the company and spent two years as a management consultant for small businesses.    Then went with MONY as a life and health agent, CLU, stock broker for 20 years and retired.     I’m a Rotarian for 24 years, president of two different Rotary Clubs.    Married to Jane Mills since 1957 and expect, with a little bit of luck, to celebrate our 50th anniversary in 2007.    Have been a student of business since I owned the Leonard company.    Hobbies are fishing, I wade the Indian River for Seatrout, & golf.   Am a good fisherman and a duffer on the golf course.
Hap Mills
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by  HERBERT MEYER    Intelligence advisor to President Reagan

Currently, there are four major transformations that are shaping political, economic and world events These transformations have profound implications for American business owners, our culture and our way of life.

1. The War in Iraq
There are three major monotheistic religions in the world: Christianity, Judaism and Islam. In the 16th century, Judaism and Christianity reconciled with the modern world. The rabbis, priests and scholars found a way to
settle up and pave the way forward. Religion remained at the center of life, church and state became separate. Rule of law, idea of economic liberty, individual rights, human Rights-all these are defining points of modern
Western civilization. These concepts started with the Greeks but didn't take off until the 15th and 16th century when Judaism and Christianity found a way to reconcile with the modern world. When that happened, it unleashed the scientific revolution and the greatest outpouring of art, literature and music the world has ever known.    Islam, which developed in the 7th century, counts millions of Moslems around the world who are normal people. However, there is a radical streak within Islam. When the radicals are in charge, Islam attacks Western civilization.      Islam first attacked Western civilization in the 7th century, and later in the 16th and 17th centuries. By 1683, the Moslems (Turks from the Ottoman Empire) were literally at the gates of Vienna. It was in Vienna that the climatic battle between Islam and Western civilization took place. The West won and went forward. Islam lost and went backward. Interestingly, the date of that battle was September 11. Since them, Islam has not found a way to reconcile with the modern world.
Today, terrorism is the third attack on Western civilization by radical Islam. To deal with terrorism, the U.S. is doing two things. First, units of our armed forces are in 30 countries around the world hunting down terrorist
groups and dealing with them. This gets very little publicity. Second we are taking military action in Afghanistan and Iraq. These are covered relentlessly by the media. People can argue about whether the war in Iraq is right or wrong. However, the underlying strategy behind the war is to use our military to remove the radicals from power and give the moderates a chance. Our hope is that, over time, the moderates will find a way to bring Islam forward into the 21st century. That's what our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan is all about.